WNET - Chasing the Dream

  We welcome you to our virtual community where we gather, analyze and share knowledge related to one of the most pressing challenges of our time - poverty. We are the WNET - Chasing the Dream project, a public media initiative to expose and combat the impact of poverty on American society.
  WNET, America's leading media content provider, is at the forefront of creating and delivering unique programs and news projects. Chasing the Dream is our latest initiative that seeks to bring the effects of poverty and inequality closer to the public.

   Our Mission

  Our mission is to show how poverty affects people's lives, from education to health, from homelessness to security. We strive to provide a space for debate, dialogue and understanding. Ultimately, our goal is to mobilize society to fight poverty through mutual understanding and empathy.

   What We Do

  We work on several fronts aimed at educating, informing and supporting communities. We produce reports, analyses, educational materials, articles and videos that put poverty at the forefront. We engage in activities to raise awareness about poverty and how to combat it.

   Join us

  Believe in the power of awareness. Join us in our mission to transform the understanding of poverty so we can begin to change American society. WNET - Chasing the Dream is your platform for understanding and action.



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